With passage of national health reform legislation, advocates face a crucial test. How do we assure the successful implementation of and public reaction to the legislation?

Our task will be to help Americans put into context what the health care reform battle was about, why we pursued it, and what was accomplished (on a very personal level, as well as a national level). Our previous research on health care messaging emphasized the unacceptability of the status quo, identified some of the culprits in this fight, and counseled reassurance on preserving what works (e.g., choice of doctor). It also focused on the specific aspects of reform that would keep costs down and give peace of mind to families.

Moving forward we cannot think about this issue in a vacuum. We need to consider it in the context of the larger set of economic challenges people are facing, as well as whether they believe that the new health reform law will benefit them and trust that the law is in their best interest.

To assist the advocacy community, civic leaders, and elected officials, Herndon Alliance, working with our partners, continues to undertake new rounds of research to identify communications strategies and messaging that best resonate with the public.

To the left is a menu of opportunities and resources available to you and your colleagues to hear about the research findings and begin to customize the strategies and messaging for your specific work and constituency. These resources include: presentations, training, and briefing sessions; materials; and consultation services.